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How does it work?
Most patients, when they become pulseless go through a brief period in which the heart goes into a chaotic quivering due to erratic electrical activity. This is called ventricular fibrillation (VF). VF eventually deteriorates into a total absence of electrical activity, often around ten to fifteen minutes after arrest. The best chance to regain a pulse is when a patient in recent VF is shocked quickly – ideally in less than 4 – 6 minutes after arrest. An AED delivers electrical current through heart muscle, temporarily ceasing all electrical activity in the heart, hoping that when that electrical impulse returns, it will return in an organized pumping action instead of VF.
With the national EMS response time hovering around 8-9 minutes, likelihood of a successful defibrillation by EMS is poor. In fact, the American Heart Association estimates that for every minute that the patient is not defibrillated, they lose up to 10% off their chance of surviving. A bystander defibrillation, delivered moments after the arrest, can be much more successful. As a result, many companies have begun defibrillation projects.

Workplaces with less than 5 workers/shift are required to have 1 person on site certified in EMERGENCY FIRST AID. A workplace with over 5 workers/shift must have 1 person on site certified in STANDARD FIRST AID. These are requirements under ONTARIO REGULATION 1101.

First Response will come to your site and provide all needed materials (unless otherwise noted). All programs use a combination of lecture and in depth practical situations.

In Ontario anyone operating a fork lift must be a competent person. Licensing ensures this requirement is met and can be proven.

First Response employs EMERGENCY SERVICE PROFESSIONALS or MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS for all programs. These individuals have the knowledge, training and practical skills to be exceptional in programs we offer. We like to say “TRUST THE PROFESSIONALS YOUR COMMUNITY TRUSTS”.

Your first aid kit requirements will be defined by REGULATION 1101. These are dependent on the size, type and complexity of your workplace. Please contact SALES for specific information or to develop a quote for your specific needs.

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